Out of the Overflow…

To get our year off to a good start, we have been talking a lot about being “bucket fillers” – finding ways to care for, encourage, notice, affirm, and acknowledge one another in simple, yet significant, ways. This is a mutually beneficial process, as giving and encouraging not only brings joy to the recipient, but it also brings joy to the giver.

In the classroom, we have made mini “buckets” (really, origami envelopes) for our desks into which notes of encouragement can be delivered. It’s been exciting to see students become aware of others and to find ways to acknowledge them through words of encouragement. To end our day today, it was requested that we take some time to fill up one another’s buckets. Joy overflowed!

Please take a moment to enjoy a reading of Have You Filled  a Bucket Today? by the author, Carol McCloud.

To learn more about being a bucket filler, visit:

Bucket Fillers

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