Place Value – Pursuing Purpose Beyond Practice

In our pursuit to solve problems with place value, today we played a game with a partner that prompted us to think about place and value and their purposes. In addition, we were presented with some problems related to the procedure of the game that each pair resolved reflectively. After playing the game, we took time to think about the problems we faced and the process we went through to solve them.


Challenge: Consider how our understanding of place value is important as we interact with information outside of the classroom.

  • How can we connect our problem solving power with place value and our study of China?
  • How can place value impact our understanding of landforms in China and problems they might cause?
  • What kinds of problems in this place might be related to and resolved by our understanding of place value?

Here are  a few resources that might get you thinking.

Kids World Travel Guide

National Geographic Kids


Mr. Donn: China

The World Factbook

China Facts for Kids


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