Mulling Over Mindset and More…

As we settled back in to our scholarly routine today, we took time this morning to examine this week’s spelling words. Take a peek at the words on the padlet below and jot down some of your observations. (Note: Be sure to include your secret agent number or your initials on your comment).

Made with Padlet

We then reflected on our break. Rather than just write out a paragraph or two, though, we opted to consider carefully which words from each part of speech would best highlight our holidays. A digital version of this task is assigned in your Google Classroom. 

Moving on to mindset, we took a quick survey to help us assess our own ideas. A Google Form is assigned in your Google Classroom. After completing the survey, we watched the following video clips to better understand our brain and behavior.

Alert: Mindset will play a big role in our next unit entitled: Strive to Survive: Tragedy, Triumph, Time, Tenacity, and Transformation.

To learn more about mindset, check out some of the videos listed in the linked playlist.

Mindset Playlist

The following video clip is a TED Talk presented by Carol Dweck, a researcher from Stanford University whose work has focused on  “motivation, why people succeed (or don’t) and how to foster success.” (


Made with Padlet

Finally, in math today, we revisited some of our work with fractions. We specifically talked about showing our work in more than one way and using multiple strategies for solving problems. Models (bar models / strip diagram / fraction circles), number lines, and numbers / equations were all used to show our thinking and evaluate efficiency. For a review of this idea, visit Everyday Math Lesson 3.1. Complete the Google Drawing assigned in your Google Classroom.



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