Music, Meet Math! Math, Meet Music!

After resting to the rhythm of last night’s rain, we were welcomed to a new week with a calm, cool morning.

As is our tradition, we began with our vocabulary words for the week, which were a tad trickier than usual. Most of these words are a preview for our next unit of inquiry.

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We then jumped right into math, which involved looking at multiple ways to represent the addition of fractions. Our main tool for today was the number line, which proved quite useful.

During library, Ms. Kraft sent us on a scavenger hunt, using Destiny’s catalogue to find call numbers for various topics and titles. Scholar had a great time running around trying to locate books in the fiction, nonfiction, and genre-fied sections.

After recess, we returned to class. Mr. Jimmy was away today, so we ended up having music in the class. Of course, we couldn’t have music without… math. While Mr. Jimmy’s absence could have been a problem, we turned it into an opportunity to connect notes to… fractions. Working with partners, we created a four-meter rhythm with a related fraction equation.

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Multiple Sources for Music and Math


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