Multiple Sources for MAP

The countdown is on… we are just one week away from the beginning of MAP.

MAP is an assessment designed to measure growth over time, so options for MAP-specific practice are limited.

This week, we will be doing some goal setting and will be formulating plans for showing growth in each subject.

  • Prepdog
    • This site has a set of MAP-like questions in each subject area, organized from basic to advanced.
  • Khan Academy
    • Khan Academy also has an option to enter previous MAP scores, and it will provide practice items.

The BEST way to prepare for the MAP test, though, is to remember to:

  • take your time.
  • read the questions carefully.
  • use the clues available.
  • apply scholarly skills and strategies learned throughout the year.
  • choose answers that you can justify with evidence from the questions or your work on paper.

Equally important:

  • relax.
  • embrace the MAP assessment as an opportunity to learn.
  • celebrate growth.
  • identify areas for continued growth.

Finally… don’t forget to:

  • celebrate struggle.
    • Remember… if the questions are getting more and more challenging… that’s a GOOD thing!

Grit, patience, and perseverance are keys to success.


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