Deluged with Data and… Deliciousness!

Later this week, we will be diving into some data related to our country of focus, India. As we look at data, we will be considering how data is represented and STRUCTURED. We will be analyzing the effectiveness of various representations, interpreting the information, and

  • Pie Chart/ Circle Graphs

Alert: The following video is for 8th Grade thinkers, so be sure to use all your super scholar strategies to soak up information. 

Tomorrow, we will have the day off. Do take a minute to learn about International Workers’ Day by checking some facts on Kiddle and watching the following mini-video featuring a Google Doodle. (Cool Tools Museum Connection: How many and wht types of “cool tools” do you see in the video and doodle?)

In other parts of the world, May 1 is known and May Day, which has a very different purpose and is celebrated in a variety of ways around the world.

A more important occasion worth celebrating on our day off is… Seojin’s birthday! In advance of his special day, Seojin generously shared some delightfully delicious delicacies… double chocolate muffins. Mmmmm… Singing and snacking… what better way to head into a midweek break?! Smiles all around!


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