Measuring Our Mastery of Measurement

Today, we explored one final aspect of measurement – capacity, which includes a very common set of units, particularly for those who enjoy cooking and baking. Unlike the metric system, which is based on multiples of 10 and can be converted in conjunction with one’s understanding of the prefixes, the customary system often does not have an easy way to remember. In our workbook, though, we were introduced to a very valuable visual, the STRUCTURE of which allowed us to explore equivalents and create conversion tables.

As extension of this exploration and a culmination of our year-long journey with the metric and customary measurement systems, students were challenged to create their own visual for a specific aspect and system of measurement, complete a conversion table, and represent equivalents on a number line. Working in teams, students used multiple sources including their grid books, workbooks, and online resources, if needed, to make a multiple source we could reference in the room.

Teams of thinkers really worked well, discussing essential elements, sharing creative ideas, celebrating various skill sets, and delegating roles and responsibilities. STRUCTURE was incredibly integrated, both intentionally and instinctively by these incredible inquirers!


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Multiple Sources

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