Exercising the Brain… Big Time!

Today was a BIG day for our brains. After adding another list of words to our word work journal, we readied our brains for some rigorous reading.

As we get closer to crafting scenes in which our problem solver solves problems, we took time to analyze and annotate examples of strong sensory-laden settings excerpted from Chu Ju’s House by Gloria Whelan. Working in pairs, students read through a sample of text and used an Icon Glossary created by Gretchen Bernabei. Students then, independently, did a quick sketch of the scene to see how vividly the author had painted a picture in their minds.Partners then compared their sketches, noticing, despite reviewing the scene together, they had envisioned different details.

Icon Glossary

As we prepare to draft, it is our responsibility as writers to craft scenes that enable our readers to envision clearly.


Walls and Talls

With our brains warmed up, we then worked in groups to compare and order a set of cards featuring 64 of China’s tallest buildings. Using understanding of place value and number comparison strategies, students collaborated and communicated to completed the task. Once the cards were organized, students reflected on the problem solving process and the learner profile traits needed for the task. Finally, students embraced the final challenge of determining which combination of buildings would be closest to the length of the Great Wall of China.


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