Learning about Leads and Storing Up Subtraction Strategies

Today, as we took another look at our writing, we specifically focused on the hook or lead.

Some of the most common ways we started our stories include:

  • One day…
  • One night…
  • It as Saturday morning…
  • It was dark, stormy, and windy…
  • On a cold night…

Crafting a captivating beginning is one of the biggest problems or challenges a writer faces.

How can we make some adjustments, though, to truly hook our readers or lead them into the story?

Multiple Source: Scholastic

The following video is a GREAT lesson on how to piece together all the parts of a story.

Note: There are some valuable secret agent codes hidden throughout, so keep your eyes open.

Not only did we add to our writing toolbox, but also to our math-magical multiple source. Like leads, there were both common and captivating options for calculating.

Scan through some of these subtraction strategies. Which ones do you find to be both effective and efficient?

The following video includes a few other strategies we did not explore in class. Phew… there are just so many options to consider!

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