Silk Worms, Story Structure, and Symmetry

Today’s tasks brought up lots of questions and piqued our curiosities on a number of topics. Check out a few resources to add to your knowledge of China.

How does the description of this fishing community compare to the description by Gloria Whelan in Chu Ju’s House?

The following video depicts a different fishing strategy.

How is this type of fishing similar to and different from the way Chu Ju fished with Wu and Yi Yi? How are these fishermen problem solvers?

After Chu Ju left Wu and Yi Yi, she ended up at a silk worm farm. Of all the challenges Chu Ju faced in her new “home,” it was the sound of the worms chewing that was most problematic.  What will she do with this problem? Will it become an opportunity?

Multiple Source: Kiddle: Silkworm Facts

As part of our Dot Day celebration and… our next lesson in math, we started to explore some of the most basic elements of geometry. We began by examining some images of modern architecture in China. We then proceeded to identify the elements of geometry, which we then used in a Dot Day symmetry task. As we worked to complete the task, pondering the problem-solving process was paramount.

Multiple Source: Math is Fun: Geometry

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