Assessment of, for, and AS Learning

What a marvelous Monday we had! It began, as usual, with French. How wonderful to have Madame Eale back with us this week.

We then did a mini-inquiry into sentence structure. Starting with a look at sleepy sentences, we looked at parts of speech and word order and discovered that sleepy sentences begin with a noun, pronoun, or article followed by a verb. Desiring to spice up our sentences, we took a peek at two possible alternatives – sentences beginning with adverbs and sentences beginning with present participles. After reviewing some sleepy sentences, we tried out some of our new tools.

Multiple Sources

We also completed our Unit 1 math assessment today, including a couple challenge questions. Using many multiple sources, students worked thoughtfully and diligently to show what they know, with evidence. Each math-magician was incredibly focused, put forth a great deal of effort, and took time to reflect and self-assess in a principled way. As we discussed prior to starting, this was an opportunity to of learning, for learning, and AS learning. By considering assessment from these alternate points of view, students were able to tackle the task with calm, confidence, and a growth mindset.

After school today, our elementary soccer teams competed against students from CS Diome Malumba. In true TASOK style, our condors embraced the challenges encountered and play with positivity and perseverance. We were grateful for all the support received from our peers and parents. What a great day for a game!!

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