Home Learning for March 16-20 (Week 27)

  1. Read for at least 30 minutes each night.
    • Check out the new reading choice board for scholarly, agentic readers.
    • Reflect on your reading:
      • on Seesaw.
      • by completing the online reading log OR one on paper (Copies are available in class).
      • by having a thoughtful conversation with another reader.
  2. Option: Use the Pobble 365 prompt to inspire your writing.
        • Use lined paper from your binder OR the Google Doc in your Google Classroom.
  3. Reflect back on your Week 26, and complete the “Reflection: Learner Profile & Approaches to Learning” form.
  4. Explore the recommendations on IXL.com. These connect directly to what we have been learning in class.

**A Scholar has a goal: This week we:

    • answered 917 IXL questions.
    • spent 6 hours 18 minutes on IXL.
    • made progress in 44 IXL skills.


  1. Library is scheduled weekly on Thursdays.
  2. P.E. is scheduled weekly on Wednesdays and Fridays.
    1. Come dressed to SWIM – swimsuit, towel, dry clothes
    2. Bring a water bottle
  3. Check your lunch card balance weekly.
  4. NO ASAs this week.

Coming Soon

Below is a list of upcoming events of which to be aware.

  • March 20 – P.E. Swim Lesson Viewing – 12:30 p.m. (TASOK pool)
  • March 20 – Assembly (Grade 1) – 2:30 p.m.
  • March 23-April 3 – Spring Break
  • April 17 – PYP Exhibition
  • April 18 – TASOK Gala
  • April 29 – Student-led Conferences

Condor Sports

  • March 19-21 – MS Mozambique Soccer Tournament
  • Apri l5-18 – SAISA Soccer Tournament
  • April 22-25 – SS Soccer Tournament
  • April 25 – ES Basketball Tournament

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Learner Profile Trait of the Month – RISK-TAKER

**Check back later in the week for additional homework related to in-class discussions and activities.


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