Making of a Mobile Mogul…

This week, we will launch into our two-week mobile business design project. We will be thinking about:

  • personal passions
  • mission and vision statements
  • mottos
  • logos
  • products / services
  • start-up costs
  • marketing strategies
  • advertising
  • floorplans
  • prototypes
  • energy
  • pitches

Coming up with a business is a complex thing. In fact, each element has its own complexity. Have you ever thought, for example, how complex a pencil is?

Indeed, when considering creating one’s own business, there is a LOT to think about.

Here’s an infographic by our read aloud authors:

Multiple Sources:

For some inspiration, check out this success story:

FEE: How This Teen Entrepreneur Created a Million-Dollar Candy Empire



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