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While there were a number of highlights from this past week, one was definitely seeing so many scholarly faces during our reading groups via Google Hangouts. I was so impressed with students’ promptness, preparedness, and principled participation in the discussion. While each discussion was unique, all resulted in  a closer examination of text and graphic features and a deeper understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur. We will continue with our reading groups this week. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again… this week  on Tuesday.

Another highlight was the investment students put into expressing themselves creatively through the planning and designing of their own businesses. Certainly, creating a business is no small feat, and students were introduced to a number of new vocabulary words and concepts. While challenging, inquirers navigated a number of resources including the read aloud, shared Epic! texts, and the embedded resources in the Mobile Business Design Plan to lay the foundation for what could become an eventual entrepreneurial endeavor. As students crafted mission statements and designed logos, critical and creative thinking were obvious approaches to learning that grew. 

This coming week, we will continue to develop our business plan with a focus on persuasion. Students are encouraged to explore various marketing strategies, develop a mobile business prototype, and present their pitch.

As you continue to inquire into marketing, checkout some of these multiple sources:

This first source is one recommended by our very own Konrad. In consulting multiple sources, including his grandfather, he came across the following website, which features the 5 P’s of marketing.

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