1 Social Studies: Five Themes of Geography

Below you will find detailed information about each unit we will cover in this course. New information will be added as necessary so please check back.

Social Studies Unit 1: Five Themes of Geography

Big Idea/Essential Questions:

  1. How does geography view the world?

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • I can identify the five themes of geography.
  • I can apply the five themes of geography to explore environmental issues.
  • I can interpret information from various sources and practice identifying and organizing the five themes of geography: location, place, region, movement, and human interaction.
  • I can identify and use different types of maps.
  • I can establish location on a map.
  • I can gain experience with using a variety of sources (almanacs, magazines, maps, trade books, periodicals, newspapers, photographs, and digital resources) to gather information.

Key Vocabulary:

absolute location        compass rose         geography

grid & index       human-environment interaction

landmark       latitude         legend       longitude

movement       place          region       relative location

scale        symbol

Additional Attached Resources:

Geography Rap

Five Themes of Geography Song

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