Reading 1

Below you will find detailed information about each unit we will cover in this course. New information will be added as necessary so please check back.

Reading Unit 1: Living the Life of a Reader

Big Idea/Essential Questions:

  1. How do readers have strong habits inside a reading life?
  2. How do readers know text is important?
  3. How do readers read with and learn from other readers?

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • I can create strong habits to make my reading the best it can be.
  • I can create goals for my reading that are important and realistic.
  • I can choose just-right books, so I can be a strong reader.
  • I can determine a goal for words/pages read.
  • I can pay attention to the pace of my reading to read as much as I can.
  • I can see the story in my mind as I read to understand what I have read.
  • I can stop, reread and think to clear up confusion.
  • I can take the time to figure out unfamiliar words and keep on reading
  • I can choose my attitude towards reading.
  • I can talk to my partners about the books I have read.
  • I can summarize the text and think about the author’s message to talk with others
  • I can reflect on ways I have changed as a reader.

Key Vocabulary:

clarify        envision         goal          pace

reflection        stamina         summary         theme

Additional Attached Resources:


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