Fluid. Flexible. Far-reaching.

In mapping out the PYP curriculum model, somewhat of an amorphous representation emerges. At the center of the program is a textured mosaic of learners, multi-faceted in terms of the different aspects of each learner and in terms of the collection of different learners amassed. As each individual breaches the barrier into inquiry, he or she is caught up in the current of curriculum.

Stepping foot into a unit, students first encounter assessment, either formal or informal, that identifies what they know or don’t know about a given theme and what attributes of the learner profile they exhibit or need to develop. This informs the subsequent inquiry and investigation into concepts related to the theme. With ongoing assessment promoting engagement and reflection, students remain in touch with their growing knowledge and profile attributes. Venturing deeper and wider, students strengthen purposefully planned skills that are measured with a variety of strategies and tools and inform further inquiry into the concepts. The ebb and flow of all elements continue, constantly moving and mingling. Running through all the layers is a ripple of resolve, a call to action. Whether small, yet significant or large and life-changing, action impacts and is impacted by each element it encounters.

Clearly all components of the curriculum are and must be planned and purposeful; however, the size and shape of the inquiry is somewhat unpredictable. The layered rippling effect of the program has both depth and breadth, with each component building onto, blending into, and broadening out toward one another. While unable to add movement to the mind map, envision each undulating layer flowing clockwise around the center, while also rippling outward creating a brackish blend.

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