Writing 1

Writing Unit 1: Narrative / Fiction Writing

Big Idea/Essential Questions:

  1. How do writers study text to identify features of effective narrative pieces and frame their writing?
  2. How do writers craft stories and characters for narrative writing?
  3. How do writers draft and revise to build characters and events?
  4. How do writers think about an audience as they prepare to publish?
  5. How do writers independently plan and publish narrative writing?

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • I can use mentor texts to get ideas for my own writing.
  • I can form paragraphs with the big ideas first, and then the smaller details.
  • I can add numbers, names, and examples to make my writing more detailed.
  • I can push myself to write more by using physical descriptions.
  • I can use text features according to the purpose they want to achieve.
  • I can create introductions that draw readers in right from the start.
  • I can revise by cross-checking for structure and basic elements of a text type.
  • I can edit my writing with support.

Key Vocabulary:

conclusion        edit       elaboration         introduction

paragraph       revise       text & graphic features

Additional Attached Resources:

Using Sensory Details

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