1 The Earth is Changing

Below you will find detailed information about each unit we will cover in this course. New information will be added as necessary so please check back.

Science Unit 1: The Earth is Changing

Big Idea/Essential Questions:

  1. How is the world changing?
  2. Why do we care that the world is changing?
  3. How can we reduce the impacts of natural processes/changes on humans?

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • I can analyze and identify changes in a landscape using evidence.
  • I can explore erosion by water, ice, wind and vegetation, making observations, gathering data and making inferences about patterns of erosion.
  • I can analyze and interpret data from physical and topographic maps describing patterns of Earth’s features.
  • I can identify how the earth’s landscape is changing.
  • I can develop solutions to reduce the impact of natural Earth processes on humans.

Key Vocabulary:

deposition        earthquake         erosion          glacier

landform        plate tectonics         volcano         weathering

Additional Attached Resources:

Study Jams: Weathering and Erosion

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