Challenge: October Observations – Break and Beyond

Over the break, whether you were traveling or stuck close to home, you had an opportunity to be an eagle-eyed observer. As a scholarly sleuth, did you search for clues proving weathering, erosion, or deposition has taken place. If you suspected that wind, water, ice, or roots caused weathering, erosion, or deposition, did you get a picture of the evidence? If so, submit them with the hashtags:




Additionally, were  you on the lookout for landforms and bodies of water – mountains, hills, valleys, plateaus, cliffs, caves, sand dunes, bays, ponds, lakes, rivers,… and so many more. If you saw a landform or body of water, send in a picture with the hashtag:

#Look! A landform

What about other examples of movement?


Or, geometry?


Secret agents, did you accept this challenge? The challenge continues this week…

Send all photographic evidence to Mrs. Rupp’s email.

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