Learning ’bout Language… and Lovin’ It!!

This morning, we took some time to review our MAP assessment results from the fall, set goals to work towards, and created an action plan to achieving our goals. Our first test will be language, which assess three areas:

  • understand, edit for grammar, usage
  • write, revise texts for purpose and audience
  • understand, edit for mechanics

As scholars, everyone was excited about the upcoming opportunities to apply our learning and strategies to this assessment. Several students shared about how they have been working hard at home, as well, taking the initiative to reinforce ideas learned in class and accessing multiple sources.

We took some time to look at the STRUCTURE of sentences… specifically compound sentences, which use coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS – for, and, nor, boy, or, yet, so). We examined mentor sentences crafted by the author of Homeless Bird, Gloria Whelan, then we worked together to write our original sentences.

The afternoon was spent practicing for tomorrow’s Celebration of the Arts. It it an event that shouldn’t be missed!

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