And so it ends…

Another year has come and gone… all too quickly.

To close out our time together, we joined with our fellow condors for our farewell assembly. Mr. Chaney led us in a time of reflection before we presented bookmarks to one another.

Our bookmarks were especially beautiful this year as we wrote:

  • I appreciate you because…
  • You have grown as a scholar this year by…
  • I remember a time when…
  • My wish for you is…

It was exciting to read and hear how we recognized and appreciated qualities of a scholar and the learner profile traits in one another.

As we head into the summer… and the many years ahead, our hope is that the bookmarks will fill buckets to overflowing into fifth grade and beyond.

Of course, the year would not be complete with one last secret agent mission… led by the scholarly secret agents themselves. With the help of Miss Fanny, students managed to pull off one of the most incredible and impactful surprises of my entire teaching career. While I knew something was in the works, I had no idea the extent of what was in store. Over the course of the last week, students had worked to create a set of signs that spelled out a secret message “Thank you, Mrs. Rupp.” In an act of trickery, they managed to get me out of the room, so they could assemble themselves in order.  That alone was lovely, but, additionally, the students had put together a video that filled my bucket so full I couldn’t do anything else but cry. It was beyond meaningful as students responded to student-crafted prompts:

  • What do you like most about Mrs. Rupp?
  • What is a time you remember with her?
  • What learner profile trait do you think she mostly demonstrates?

After everyone departed for the year, I found the planning sheet used for this sentimental surprise. I will treasure it… forever!

Goodbye, Dr. Gillespie!

As we approach these final days of the 2018-2019 school year, we also prepare to bid farewell to our fearless leader, Dr. Gillespie. As only secret agents can do, we managed to pull off an extraordinary elementary surprise for him outside his office. Coordinated by Ms. Shortridge, bright and early Thursday morning, the entire elementary school, “snuck” across the road and gathered outside Dr. Gillespie’s office window. Ms. Evelyne was in on the plot, scheduling an “important meeting” for him at the time of our arrival.

While it is difficult to keep over 100 people quiet, Dr. Gillespie did seem surprised to see us when he opened the front door of the administration building, and we broke out into song. He opted to take a selfie to capture the moment forever.

As part of the surprise, Dr. Gillespie was presented with an original pagne blazer and a beautiful drawing / painting by designed by Ms. Shortridge and created by Ms. Yoko. Part of the uniqueness of the piece was that each student had signed his or her name on the frame and placed a fingerprint on the canvas that served as the background for the picture, which featured some special memories of Dr. Gillespie’s time at TASOK. It was fun to see the look on his face as he examined the one-of-a-kind artwork.

We will certainly miss Dr. Gillespie, but we know he will be a precious gift to his new school in Uganda.

Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Gillespie!

Sports Day Spectacular!

One of the most-anticipated days of the year is… sports day. Today was no exception. Students arrived ready to run and revel in recreational activities reflecting learning in P.E. With hats, bug spray, and water in tow, we were ready to embrace any exercise we encountered.

Mr. Wilson and Mr. Serge packed the morning full of skill-based activities enabling us to use strength, flexibility,

To begin the day, we gathered on the court for a few instructions. Everyone was excited to get started.

We began our athletic adventure in the gym which featured fitness. This included a push up challenge, a sit up challenge, a plank challenge, and… squats. As you can imagine there were lots of grunts and groans, but also tons of giggles.

We then moved to the cafeteria, to try our hand at hand-eye coordination. Bean bags were tossed, tennis balls bounced, and reaction time refined with cones for tossing and catching.

Before heading out to the field, we enjoyed a brief break. Healthy and compostable snacks included apples and bananas. Fresh. Flavorful. Fantastic!

Once on the field, we had fun with our favorite… football (a.k.a. soccer). Students were challenged to dribble through cones, take shots on a rotating goalie, and pass precisely.

From “football” we moved to frisbee. Throwing and catching techniques were varied as students passed to static and moving partners.

From the field, we made a beeline to the basketball court with a focus on passing, dribbling, and shooting. Bend those legs and follow through.

After refueling with some popcorn, we finished with a trail run through the forest. Students flashed the number of laps on their fingers as they flew.

While tired by the end, the day was nothing less than terrific… like the two thumbs up kids of terrific!

Thank you Mr. Wilson and Mr. Serge!

Structuring Solar Ovens for S’more Scholarly Synthesis

Over the past few days, scholarly scientists have worked through the structure of the scientific method in response to the question: How can solar energy be harnessed to cook? After conducting research and gathering information about solar energy, students formulated a hypothesis and began planning their experiments. Color, shape, size, and materials were all considerations for the construction of a solar oven. Materials were listed, diagram drawn and procedures documented, keeping in mind independent, dependent, and constant variables. Once the plan was in place, students were ready to test out their solar over structure. After several days of overcast skies, we were grateful for a wonderful window of sunshine that allowed the “mercury” in the thermometers to rise. Carefully, scholarly scientists watched the clock and recorded their observations in a data table. In addition, sensory observations were recorded. In the end, after devouring the delicious marshmallow sandwich, students captured their conclusions and reflected on the key concepts of structure.



New Multiple Source: NoRedInk


Scholars, a GREAT tool for the summer (and for soon-to-be sixth grade readers, writers, and thinkers) is NoRedInk. Your accounts have been created and linked to your Google Classroom account. If you follow the link to NoRedInk, and log in with Google, a diagnostic assessment is ready for you.

One of the fun features of NoRedInk is the ability to customize the interest settings, choosing from a wide variety of interest categories. Your choices will affect the subjects of the sentences and compositions you will work with.

As you work with this tool, reflect on how you are growing as a reader and writer. It is an AMAZING multiple source!

Homework for June 3-7 (Week 37)

  1. Read for at least 30 minutes each night. Complete the online reading log OR one on paper. (Copies are available in class).
  2. Explore some lessons on and / or Khan Academy in the following areas:
    • Math
      • Explore Fifth Grade Topics
    • Language
      • Explore Fifth Grade Topics
    • **A Scholar has a goal: This week, we answered 3,093 questions and over 20 hours on IXL. 
    • Log on and “Launch” into some learning with Everyday Math. (Note: Log on information is in your planner.) **Alert: Any lessons in Unit 6 can be reviewed.**
  3. Reflect back on Week 36 and complete the “Reflection: Learning Habits” form.
  4. Note: Homework is due on Fridays.**Check back later in the week for additional homework related to in-class discussions and activities.


  1. Library books are due. All books must be returned to the library.
    • Be sure to bring your book bag!
  2. P.E. is scheduled weekly on Mondays and Fridays.
    • Come dressed to exercise – sneakers, hat, sunscreen.

Coming Soon

  • June 2 – Senior Speech Night
  • June 4 – Buddy Celebration
  • June 5 – Elementary Sports Day and Picnic (8:15-11:15 a.m.)
    • Bring your water bottle, hat, sun screen and bug spray.
  • June 5 – Mix-It-Up Picnic (11:20 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)
  • June 5 – High School Graduation
  • June 7 – Elementary Assembly (8:15 a.m.)
  • June 7 – Report Card Distribution
  • June 7 – Last Day of School (Early Dismissal – 11:30 a.m.)


Learner Profile Trait of the Month – OPEN-MINDED

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