Homework for Apr. 15-19 (Week 30)

  1. Read for at least 30 minutes each night. Complete the online reading log OR one on paper. (Copies are available in class).
  2. Explore some lessons on IXL.com and / or Khan Academy in the following areas:
    • Math
      • *Division (E.6 – E.10)
      • Unit Conversions (N.1 – N.19) **Multiple Source**
      • Prime and Composite (A.14 – A.15)
      • Word Problems (D. 24, 26, 28)
    • Language
      • Poetry (K.1-K.2)
      • Sentence Variety (P.1) *STRUCTURE*
      • Context Clues (AA.1 – AA.4)
    • **A Scholar has a goal: This week, we answered 3,285 questions and almost 28 hours on IXL. What a great start for our final quarter.
    • Log on and “Launch” into some learning with Everyday Math. (Note: Log on information is in your planner.) **Alert: Any lessons in 5 can be reviewed.**
  3. Reflect back on Week 29 and complete the “Reflection: Learning Habits” form.
  4. Note: Homework is due on Fridays.**Check back later in the week for additional homework related to in-class discussions and activities.


    1. Library is scheduled weekly on Mondays from 9:30 – 10:10 a.m.
      • Be sure to bring your book bag!
    2. P.E. is scheduled weekly on Mondays and Fridays.
      • Come dressed to exercise – sneakers, hat, sunscreen.
    3. ASAs resume this week.
    4. Student Council Book Drive

Coming Soon

  • April 15 – DRA Testing (Mrs. Rupp will continue reading with each student individually.)
  • April 19 – No School
  • April 26 – Celebration of the Arts
  • April 29 – MAP Testing (Language)
  • May 6 – MAP Testing (Reading)
  • May 13 – MAP Testing (Math)


Learner Profile Trait of the Month – BALANCED

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