Stand Proud!

As part of their Fifth Grade PYP Exhibition related to the central idea of sustainability, two groups of students have opted to organize projects in response to their trip to Stand Proud, an organization that helps survivors of polio and youth with other disabilities.

Pool Party

One group is organizing a fundraising pool party to help Stand Proud purchase water filters.

After surveying possible attendees (students in grades 3-5), the student organizers decided on this Wednesday, May 15 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. The cost of the event is $7.00 (Note: A discounted price of $5.00 is available for those who bring food donations to share).

Students must have a signed permission slip in order to attend.

Note: The event will have adult supervision.

Shoe and Clothing Drive

Another group of students is organizing a shoe and clothing drive, also to support Stand Proud.

The clothing drive will run from Tuesday, May 14 through Monday, May 20. The student organizers are inviting students and other members of the TASOK community to donate old shoes and clothes that are still in good condition.

Note: Students have specified that clothing donations must be thoroughly washed.


Multiple Sources

To learn more about polio, check out the following links:


As you reflect on this post, the fifth graders’ projects, and polio… what kinds of connections can you make to our unit on STRUCTURE?

What role does STRUCTURE play in organizing these events?

What types of STRUCTURE cause or are affected by polio?

What STRUCTURES have been established worldwide to help prevent polio?

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