Developing Data Detectives

Today, as we prepared to look at a variety of data representations, we warmed up with a visual activity from Math 4 Love. (*Great multiple source.*)

Working with their tables groups, students took time to make observations, identify relationships, consider the role of STRUCTURE, and connect to our learning.

Scholarly conversations were instantaneous. Without invitation, students instinctively were drawn to the board for a closer look, where they shared their ideas and inferences with other math-magicians.

Mr. Collins was witness to our enthusiasm and eagle-eyed observations. He was almost as excited as we were.

We then took our detective skills to the next level by examining data representations related to our countries of focus. Like our initial activity, we looked through the lens of STRUCTURE and its role in understanding the information.

  • What can you learn from each of the representations below?
  • Why do the STRUCTURE differ?
  • Could the data be represented with a different STRUCTURE? If so, how? Why?


Line Graph

Bar Graph

Stem-and-Leaf Plot

Double Bar Graph


Pie Chart / Circle Graph



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