Homework for August 27-31 (Week 3)

  1. Read for at least 30 minutes each night. Complete the online reading log OR one on paper. (Copies are available in class).
  2. Explore some lessons on IXL.com and / or Khan Academy in the following areas:
    • *Number Sense*
    • Logical Reasoning
  3. Log in to some of the scholarly multiple sources and explore.
    • Refer to your password paper for log in information (most are connected to your Google Classroom log in).
    • If you are unable to log in to one of the resources, please let Mrs. Rupp know.
  4. Reflect back on Week 2, and complete the “Reflection: Learning Habits” form.

Note: Homework is due on Fridays.

**Check back later in the week for additional homework related to in class discussions and activities.


  1. Library is scheduled weekly on Mondays from 9:30 – 10:10 a.m.
    1. Bring your book bag and books.
  2. P.E. is scheduled weekly on Mondays and Fridays.
    1. Come dressed to exercise – sneakers, hat, sunscreen.
  3. Trimester 1 After School Activities (ASAs) begin this week.
    • Note: Due to the director candidate visit, ASAs are cancelled on Monday, August 27.
  4. We’re on Twitter! Follow us @Scholarsare.
    • Note: Twitter is new for us, so we are not quite “trending”… yet.

A Plethora of Picnics

Despite being delayed, our first Mix It Up Picnic was a delight. Our leisurely lunch on a leaf-laden lawn was lovely. What could be better than enjoying a bite to eat with a good beat in the background, a bunch of blankets beneath us, and our best buddies with whom to bond?

What wonderful way to build relationships beyond our classroom!


Of course, equally enjoyable was Sunday’s PTC TASOK 2018 Family Welcome Picnic. Thank you to the PTC and to all you who joined us for an afternoon of leisure and laughter. Like the rain we enjoyed last night, building relationships is refreshing.


I was especially excited to see some persistent problem solvers and some beautiful bucket fillers in action.


Thank you, too, to a few faithful staff members, Madeline, Tamak, Papa Paul, and Silas, and our new catering company, Zamani, for helping make the afternoon special. Know you are appreciated!



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